Robb Sports Group (RSG) is a global sports investment, marketing, and management (IMM) company. The company was established on February 27, 2016, by Romane Orlando Robb.

 The three primary areas of Robb Sports Group (RSG) are:

1). ROBB SPORTS INVESTMENTS (RSI): This is where we invest minor to major equity (and debt) stakes in sports teams, sports stadiums (in association with Robb Real Estate Corporation (RREC)), and in other sports-related areas.

2). ROBB SPORTS MARKETING (RSM): This is where we put together premium brands/sponsors with sports teams, athletes, sports events, sports stadiums, and other sports-related areas utilizing more organic and complementary strategies.

3). ROBB SPORTS MANAGEMENT (RSM): This is where manage or co-manage athletes and teams from various sports. This division is also responsible for sports-related merchandising.


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