Q). What is Robb Sports Group Corporation?

A). We’re a global sports investment, marketing, and management (IMM) company. The company was established on February 27, 2016, by Romane Orlando Robb.

Q). I’m an athlete seeking representation. What should I send you?

A). You can email us a reel or if you don’t have a reel you can email us telling a bit about yourself. Your goals, inspirations and what you’re seeking from representation.

Q). What kind of investments do you make?

A). Through a partnership with Robb & Company Corporation we invest in sports related ventures.

Q). Do you sponsor events?

A). Yes! We do. Drop us an email to further discuss your event.

Q). What kind of sports marketing do you guys do?

A). In very simple terms: We put together brands with athletes and teams.

Q). How do I be a guest on RSG: The Zone! podcast?

A). Drop us an email so we can learn more about you.

Q). I’m a brand interested in working with Robb Sports Group; how do I get that started?

A). Drop us an email telling us about your brand/company and we’ll get back to you promptly!

Q). Are you guys publicly traded?

A). No! We’re a privately-held subsidiary of Robb Corporation.

Q). I’m with the press. How do I get logos and other information about RSG?

A). Check out our press room HERE.

Q). I have more questions; how do I get in contact with you guys?

A). You can always email us: info@robbsg.com.



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